Monday, August 2, 2010

Reflections of A Fern - A Prospero Moment

Sissie and I had the chance to go for a long walk in the woods ... how much fun to tramp through the underbrush ... down the overgrown logging road ... hiking to the bottom of the canyon via the old deer trail ... to the magical place we called "Deer Valley". When we were kids we built forts there, waded in the creek, and played away the long summer days. What memories! What magic.

We took so many pictures in our magical place. So much is the same, like Huckleberry Bridge (a massive old growth log that fell over the creek more than 50 years ago). So much is different (the trees have grown huge, 'mud flats' is now gone).

I noticed the reflection of a fern in the murky waters of the creek.
The canyon walls, and the trees overhead cast strange shadows over the water, as did the few rays of sunshine that managed to sneak through.

I knew that FINALLY I had a shot that I could say ...
"It was a Prospero Moment"!

To see what I mean, check out Serendipitous Garden. You'll be amazed and delighted.


  1. Interesting reflection. I think ferns were an interesting plant.

  2. It IS magic, Sissy--I saw it in real life, then on your camera, and now here--it is exquisite.

    There was something magic in Deer Valley that day, wasn't there?

    We must go back soon. ((hugs)) This photo is indeed a Prospero moment.

    This wonderful magical photo fills my eyes.

  3. Clytie, I really admire the close relationship you have with your sister, Beth. You both share a love of beauty, nature, and, most importantly, diaphanous sisterhood.

    I am deeply honored by the fact that you thought about me when you accessed the sempiternal bounty inside your camera. Remarkable.