Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sasquatch Sighting!

The sasquatch on the left is a famous photo I found at

The sasquatch on the right is what Victoria and I saw, lurking in the swamp.

Eerie similarities ...


  1. I believe in them or wild people who were never civilized and are pretty much like the originals.

  2. Very cool! You have a good eye. That really does look like the sasquatch. I wonder if the sasquatch has met the Iceman of Newtown? :) I found out that the Iceman is the spitting image of Giovanni Fattori.

    Click here to see the Iceman

    Click here to see Giovanni Fattori

  3. OOoooh, Sissy! THAT is just too cool! I LOOOOVE it! This fills my eyes, and makes me laugh.

    I'm with Abe. I believe in 'em. I think the real Sasquatch may be some kind of Ape or tribe of wild men no one has caught with a phone camera yet. (grin)

  4. Hi, Clytie, you asked about the snow in the background of my forsythia photos - yes, it is - I find the colours are more true with the natural light.
    And yes, that cattail does look like the infamous Sasquatch photo!

  5. PS - you also asked about the ripples in the reflections. That all depends on the way the surface of the water is moving. If the water is still, then the reflection is like a mirror. The reflection breaks up as the water moves more quickly.

  6. You have an amazing eye! But we knew that. I can hardly imagine finding this one, though!