Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Funny Sign ...

Copyright clytie garretson 2013

I was driving through a very busy strip mall parking lot in a nearby town, when this sign caught my eye ... I made another trip through the lot, then held up traffic while I snapped this shot through my windshield.

I offered to take mom to pick up one of those gift certificates ... she declined. She said she had to wonder about the quality for the price ... and the good ones her age are probably already taken anyway!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

BBW Surprise

I was getting ready for BBW ... and I don't mean THE BBW (Big Beautiful Women) with which I am quite familiar ...

 I am referring to our local politically correct "waste management facility" and their yearly "Big Bulky Waste" day. That's where you can stuff as much extra-large trash into your car as you want, and, for a donation of non-perishable food for the local food bank, you can get rid of a bunch of unsightly garbage that doesn't fit into your regular can.

They were also taking e-waste, and I had 4 old dinosaurs, er, computer monitors (when I say OLD, I mean the ones that weigh nearly as much as my BBW self!) that needed to go.

Anyway, I had put the hand truck under the can and was getting ready to move the whole heavy mess, when I noticed something that didn't fit the (other) BBW profile ...

A cute little tree frog, basking in the sun on the back of one of the old monitors.

I watched him sleep for a while, then carefully lifted him up and walked over to the garden.

When I opened my hand, he sat there a moment, surveying his new home.

Then he peed on my fingers and leaped into the middle of the flower patch.

And disappeared.