Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hot Air Balloons Can't Read!

I took this photo last July when a hot air balloon descended on the parking lot of the once-abandoned church across the street.

I guess they couldn't read the sign from up in the air ...

And I don't think they cared!!!

To see signs from around the world, visit Lesley's "Signs, Signs"!


  1. Maybe they aren't trespassing unless they are on the other side of the sign.

  2. at least they didn't land on the sign!

  3. I love the colors on the balloon, but it paired with the sign is prefect!

  4. Hahaha there should be a sign facing the sky. This is funny!


  5. I agree with Kim! The sign wasn't facing up so, oh well! Great capture!

  6. Oh, that's too funny! The fella in the foreground seems to be thinking: should I or should I not....

  7. I wish I could have seen this balloon landing in the parking lot of The Abandoned. What a special treat!

    I remember any parking lot was a place they sought to land, when I was on my hot air balloon ride. lol

    The winds had kicked up, and we ended up at the end of town in a field on a grassy hill.

    This is an amazing photo, Sissy!

  8. Speaking of signs...

    Beth has been wading through the adoption papers (bless her heart) ... and, i am given to understand that i am now a part of the family. Shall i bring the potato salad at our next family shindig?