Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Traffic Kind of Day ...

First I got stuck in a line of traffic behind this truck when he unexpectedly pulled out in front of us ... and we had to follow him for miles. Slowly. Sigh.

The sign on the back of his truck said not to follow him ... but what if the alternative was driving into the ditch?????

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This time the culprit for the traffic snarl was road construction!
Then it started raining.
Perfect to catch reflections ... my headlights in the car in front of me, the landscape on the hood of my car!

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The wait was worth it, though, when I noticed that the car in front of me was sporting heart-shaped brake lights!!!

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  1. Wow, you are good at catching those hearts!
    Maybe that construction vehicle is working on a surprise for everyone, all in secret?

  2. You seemed to make the best of bad luck traffic. I ususally just curse. You're a better sole than I am.

  3. wow what a great heart discovery..patience is a blessing, that is for sure!

  4. Very good eye to notice the heart in the brake light! You made me laugh with the "do not follow" part. hehe

  5. This experiences are a daily occurrence for me driving to school in the morning. Our interstate is adding 2 lanes for the truckers so there are accidents on it daily. Then there are the ice melting trucks which spread out long lines of some cosmic substance prior to the storms hitting. They have those signs on them, where in the heck am I supposed to go. Loved your post because I could relate to it so well. ..and you made lemonade from a bunch of lemons. genie

  6. That is hilarious! How could you NOT follow it?! I also really like that heart shaped tail light. Amazing. (grin) I'm not sure I would have so much fun following such a vehicle slowly for miles--especially after it pulled out in front of you! lol

    I love how you see the world, SissyBoo.