Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain ... HEART!

I just happened to be watching the weather report the other day ... when I noticed the radar shot had a unique pattern ... Fortunately I was ready as soon as they replayed the loop ...
Do you see the heart? It's just above the town of McMinnville ... (which, by the way is a really fun town to visit!)

We're expecting lots of rain for the next two days ... sigh ... no more hearts, though, the radar today is completely green!!!

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  1. Wow, that's really well observed!

  2. Nice heart! Please send some rain our way - March is usually our snowiest month but we've had nothing but sun for weeks, and wildfires are starting to cause problems (one just killed a couple west of Denver).

  3. Hahaa..that's so funny! The other day I was startled to see the profile of a face flying across the weather map. I wondered if anyone else saw it...perhaps not, but then, I think you and I have been given a gift of seeing. (grin)