Friday, February 1, 2013

I've Been WHERE?

A couple of years ago, Sissie and I spent several winter days at the Oregon beach.

It was cold, and in fact we woke up one morning to snow on the sand. If you look closely at the heart-shaped rock we found, you will notice a tiny bit of snowy white ...

Here's where the story gets a little off balance.
Because apparently I've been to South Africa!

Based on a tip I saw on a news segment, I went to Google's "Image" search, clicked on the little camera, and uploaded a random heart from my files. It was this one.

And found a huge surprise.

My photo, of a heart-shaped rock on the Oregon beach ...

Was apparently taken in South Africa!

And I don't even remember the trip!!!!!!

To see hearts from around the world (including South Africa!) - visit "Random Hearts" and share YOUR heart on "Guest Heart Thursday"!


  1. You are such a good story teller! Seriously... how was S Africa? :) And how do you manage to get several heart images in one photo? What do you have here ... 3? 4? Nice!

  2. well... love travels in mysterious ways:-)

  3. Wow...snow in Africa. A trip you don't remember? Perhaps you are losing your mind?! LOL That is just bizzare--that woman who used your picture should be ashamed of herself!!! Good grief.