Sunday, June 23, 2013

Found Photos ...

When I go to the Goodwill outlet store, I always fan through old photo albums. On many occasions I have found photos still tucked into the pages ... 

I found 19 old photos on my last trip to the outlet store ... they were in the middle of an old beat-up photo album. I could find no names, and only a few dates (which ranged from 1918 to 1929).

This guy really caught my eye - he's in quite a few of the shots, and I am AMAZED by his hair!
Seriously - if you enlarge any of these shots, you will see what I mean.

I mean, it looks like the fellow is wearing a rag mop on his head!

But it looks good on him.

I think this is the same guy, only older. Same unruly mop ... different attitude.
Check out the old rifle ... and the ammo clip he's wearing. And he must have a horse nearby - judging from that bow-legged stance!

I love the silent stories these pictures tell.

This is my first contribution to "Vintage Weekly" in a long time.
It's good to be back!


  1. Really nice shots and yes the hair is wild huh. Thanks for sharing them :)

  2. Incredible. And I love this guy's hair! lol It was the first thing I noticed. LOL What fun.

    This is a lovely find. I would have liked to have met this guy!

  3. And they think that some of the hair on teenagers is new - this guy could sure show them a thing or three!!!

  4. I love old photos, too.

    It's always neat to find one or more in an old book.