Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Walk Downtown ...

Portland is known as "Rose City".
I don't think they meant the roses should look so ... well, dead.
Oh well, at least it formed a heart for "Guest Heart Thursday"!

And just around the corner was this intriguing building ...

I'm not sure what the most interesting ... the curious placement of the windows on this building, or the even more curious billboard message (stop honkaholism???)!

It's been a while since I've joined up with "Signs, Signs"!


  1. Now I would never have seen that heart, without your pointing it out!!!
    And that building sure is different! I wonder what the sign means, too...

  2. Hahahaa...that sign made me laugh. LOL And I love the heart you've posted. Both are wonderful!

  3. of all the thinks to complain about (re: traffic) this would be the lowest on the list!

    1. unless one can't get to sleep with all the honking!