Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cookie cutter world

Okay, so the other night I was watching Law & Order, SVU. Elliott's mom was portrayed by a stunning older actress who did so well acting like a bipolar crazy-sane artistic woman who refused to admit she had a problem, that she should have won an award. She was great and I adored her!!!

Her granddaughter ended up being severely bipolar as well, with the choice of going either to prison or to a mental institution. Elliott confronted his mom about her past psychotic "episodes" with the hopes of getting her to help convince his daughter to take the institutional approach. She had a smile-cry look on her face, hair wild in the wind, when she answered "In my day, eccentricity was acceptable".

My next altered book page was born, as my feelings about our if-you're-not-like-me-you're-nobody society raged out of me. It used to be you could be "eccentric", "artistic", or just plain "different". Now they have to have names for this, all properly diagnosed and prescribed -- if you dare to not be the norm .. or take your kids away if your house isn't perfect ... or pull you over if you drive an ugly car ... and so on.

This page isn't finished, and won't be for quite some time, if ever. I plan to have anyone who feels "tagged" or "labeled" add their own words. Someday this page may be finished; most likely not until it is completely covered and covered again.
Sigh. Off the soapbox and back to reality, right? They may call me what they will, I still dare to be different.


  1. You go girl!!!! (((hugs)))

    I shall always be rather an eccentric. Hooray for RED AND PURPLE HATS!!!

  2. Hey, you can add something to your page for me, k?

    "Wings are stupid, but I still wanna fly."