Friday, January 30, 2009

Hawthorn berry surprise

Sometimes it's the little things that catch my eye. A tiny white mushroom standing stark against a green fern. A red hawthorn berry, in the dead of winter, the only color I see for hours. A spiderweb turned into spun rainbows nestled in dead branches on the rich forest floor.

This lone hawthorn berry surprised me. I had been out tramping in the wintertime woods of browns, greens and blacks for quite some time. For being so small, this perfect red berry seemed to jump out and call to me to notice and appreciate it's beauty. Usually these berries are long gone by the end of January, so I welcomed the surprise of it's presence. Soon my woods will again be full of color ... for now I will treasure this little red beauty and the promise of spring.


  1. Ah, ah...what a wonderful description! You are a gifted writer. I really loved what you wrote. And I adore this photo. Perhaps a lone love-struck squirrel following in the branches above, decided to leave this bright gift for you to find--or maybe it was one of our little faery friends? One never knows. (grin)

    I really like this photograph. Ah,may spring come quickly.

  2. Hi again--for some reason seeing this photograph today, this morning, put things into perspective for me. There's a great spiritual significance here. Let the brightness out--no hiding, no setting aside the color of life. Let the beauty inside shine for all to see. The dark harshness of our time will emphasize the bright color we have to offer the world.

    I wanted to thank you again for sharing this wonderful photo.