Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alan and Beth

It didn't turn out as clearly as I saw it, but take a close look anyway. Do you see them? My sister Beth and her wonderful husband Alan. Embracing in the clouds. Their heads form the top of the heart, by the way.

Congratulations on making it together these long, challenging years. Your love lights up the world around you.


  1. OOooooh, SISSY! That is BEAUOOOOOTIFUL! Aw...well, you made me cry. ((hugs)) You are pretty wonderful yourself.

    I love you. This cloud heart has me speechless with awe.

  2. Congratulations Beth and Alan!!! Clytie beautiful picture you're a very special sister I'm glad I found you and to hear someone elses family makes them nut too.
    Push my buttons,
    ring my chimes,
    makes me crazy most the time
    that's my Mom. (But I love her lots)

  3. A very wise reminder that beauty is in the eye of the beholder -- helping me to remember to look, too.