Friday, November 20, 2009

This Funny Face!

He sits in front of the house,
Waiting for an emergency.
Flat tire.
Dead battery.

Maybe it's the boredom
That makes him have
This FUnny FAce!!!


  1. (guffaw) Oh, Sissy--that is SO cute! What personality! I looks like he's laughing outloud. GREAT photo!

  2. Is that an air compressor? What a neat idea to have one. I remember a number of years ago when some of the kids were still around I went out and bought a battery charger to keep from me having to back my car out the garage every morning and turn it around and hook cables up from my battery to whomevers battery was dead. I think I used it once. Since then it has remained in our shed out back collecting dust.

  3. She's back...Sissy Cea is back with a vengeance!!! LOL
    I hope you're feeding him he looks hungry to me...I wouldn't want you to end up as the plot victim for a "B" movie..."REVENGE OR THE GREEN BATTERY CHARGER" eeegad!

  4. OF...the word is OF not OR...Revenge OF the Green Battery Charger...geez my aim must really be off today. Love ya!

  5. Too cute!! Ever get that feeling "someone's watching you?" Blessings. Love and Light, NIna P

  6. Since his mouth is open, I hope nothing flies in there!