Sunday, September 26, 2010

Load of Hey!

Friday afternoon traffic was brutal.
A crash on the interstate brought everything in town to an abrupt halt.

Except this guy.
I ended up following him for nearly 5 miles ... couldn't go around because of the oncoming commuters trying to use the back streets to get around the freeway jam ...

A truck loaded with hay is NOT an unusual sight around here; after all once you get out of town we're pretty rural ...

But this guy was really loaded.
And this load was NOT TIED DOWN.
Nope, not a rope, cord, wire or anything holding this stuff in place.

And I had to follow him, 20 miles an hour.
Little bits of hay drifting through my window ...
Keeping my distance. Just in case.
I hope he made it home without spilling his load.


  1. Hmmm, sounds like trouble, no tiedowns? I guess 20 MPH would keep things in place, but that's not very considerate of your fellow road mates.

  2. Good grief! Too bad the guyz with badges didn't catch him! That kind of load is illegal, you know!


  3. We have a lot of rural areas around here too, and it's surprising what you see. The highway that passes near my house becomes jammed when the interstate gets closed.

  4. As long as it's stacked correctly it shouldn't need a rope (though my dad always put one on anyway).

    I didn't know it was illegal to haul hay that way. I don't really think you could stop it in these parts. It's part of living rural.