Saturday, September 4, 2010

What To Do With Bagel Dough ...

It was a hot day, and I was needed.
My sister-in-law, Bert, was stranded without a ride to the bank, and her rent was due by 5 pm. She had surgery on her feet Monday, and could barely walk.

So I went. No AC in my car ... Bert's three crying, sweating little ones in the back seat - one cranky sweating adult in the front seat (uh, that would be ME). It was Friday afternoon, not a good day for banking and traffic anyway, but it was also the Friday before the Labor Day Holiday and getting anywhere in town was nearly impossible.

There was no shade, so I had to park in the full sun.

Suddenly the back seat became very quiet. A tiny voice called out "uh Auntie Clytie?"
"WHAT!" I snapped.
"Uh, Auntie Clytie, there's DOUGH coming out of the box back there."
Uh oh.

How could I have forgotten?
Thursday. Gleaners. An entire case of frozen bagel dough.
Ack. It was still in my car!

I glanced back to the cargo area. Sure enough, the bagel dough had thawed in the heat, and was starting to rise. FAST. It had stretched the tape on the top of the box, and popped it open. There was a pile of gooey, sticky, thawed bagel dough towering over the top of the box. Any minute now, it was going to topple over ... all over the cargo area of my car!

"Alright kids," I said. "Take off your seatbelts - QUICK!
Now turn around on the seat, reach into the back, and poke your fingers into the dough - HURRY!"

All three of the kids kneeled backwards on the seat, reached back and delightedly started poking the bagel dough. It immediately subsided back into the box. A giggle. Another giggle. Then we were ALL flat out belly laughing. Heat, sweat and crankiness were forgotten. The kids continued poking the bagel dough - and having a BLAST - until their mom came out to the car and I took them home.

What a blessing.
Bagel dough.
Childrens' laughter.
An afternoon I will remember for a long time. With smiles.
Thank you Tiffi, Jenna and Markie.
I love you all!


  1. OOoooh! THAT is so funny! lol What a GREAT story! lol

    LOVE it--and did you notice the dough has a face????


  2. Well, you see, on Thursday, you had this plan about how to save the day on Friday, and you just forgot about it. You left the bagel dough there on purpose!
    Great story!!!

  3. What a funny story! Children's laughter is the world's best thing - there's nothing better than hearing my grandchildren laugh.

  4. Wonderful story...wonderfully told...