Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stay Away from Bell Road!!!

I decided to revisit the Bell Road Tree for Halloween this year.

Bell Road is a dangerously curved country road that claims many victims each year ... many trees that line it's twisty length are scarred from collisions with careless drivers.
Like this tree near the "big curve" that has claimed several lives over the years.

As I looked more closely at the scars, I found this praying lady.

And this scary troll.
Do you see him?

Happy Halloween!

Stay Away From Bell Road ...


  1. Those are very visible! I drive a scary stretch of road, one of the more dangerous in the state, to and from work each day. It's one lane in each direction, and there's a three-mile stretch that's up (or down depending on direction) a hill, curvy, with trees close to the road, and a 55-60 mph speed limit. I've seen several bad accidents along that stretch.

  2. I love this photo! My imagination has had a most enjoyable time even though the marks on the tree depict less joyful events. I wonder if each victim has left a piece of him/herself as there are several faces . . . and an upside down heart plus the praying woman's hair swoops down the side of another heart. Great meditational photo, Clytie!

  3. Very amazing scars!! I'd love to see them up close!

  4. These are wonderful photos, Sissy. I love the praying lady--and the troll looks like he might be a little hungry.


    Bell Road is indeed a scary chunk of asphalt. I've had more close ones along there, than I care to say.

  5. I don't know if you're referring to the same Bell Rd. that I know. I lived at the top of Bell Rd. in Wilsonville for several years as a teenager. It was a twisty tree lined road that if you made the wrong move in either direction you would end up in the gully.

    Great photos.

  6. In response to your comment at my blog...I lived right at the corner of Grahams Ferry and Bell, at the split, in that big white house (which used to be a stage coach stops in the late 1800s).

    What I wouldn't give to own that house now.