Saturday, November 6, 2010

If Only I Had a Video Camera ...

No pictures today, because I don't have a video camera ... and nothing else would do.

Cipole Road is a curvy country lane between two busy highways. Several run-down businesses line the street; no parking lots, you just pull over alongside the road onto the grass and walk in ...

I was bringing mom home from the doctor's office, via the Cipole Road shortcut. As I rounded a corner, I noticed a car pulled over in the grass in front of a large hedge. The driver had a peculiar stance in front of his door that made me slow down and gawk - you probably know the posture I'm talking about. Both feet spread slightly apart, hunched over a bit at the shoulders, arms overhead ... the coat hanger in his hands stuck in the edge of the car window, which he was desperately maneuvering up and down - obviously trying to unlock the door from the outside.

I felt a moment of sympathy. I have been there, and know well that sinking feeling when I realized my keys were not in my purse, but locked in the car.

I slowly passed the poor locked out frustrated soul, hoping he got his door open soon.

Until that moment when I passed him, looking back in the rear view mirror ... at the poor guy with the coat hanger ... fruitlessly punching at the door lock ... while the passenger door of his car stood WIDE OPEN against the hedge ...

Mom and I laughed hysterically all the way home.


  1. That is pretty funny! Maybe there wasn't room to use the passenger side because the hedge was there. Um . . . maybe it was just a ruse to get some kindhearted soul to stop. Poor guy, but I'm glad you didn't stop.

  2. I bet you could have won $10,000 for that video! That is too funny!

    Several years ago, we had a horrible ice storm and everything was paralyzed. I looked out the front window and one of my neighbors was attempting to use a garden tiller to break up the ice. The sheer stupidity of the act coupled with the slipping and sliding had us in stitches. Thankfully, he didn't injure himself. Had he actually cleared the drive, he could not have driven anywhere because the roads were impassible.

    I still kick myself for not video taping that event.

  3. Classic! I wonder if the guy was sober...

  4. Ooooh, Sissy! I am still laughing. THAT is just TOO funny! rofl