Monday, May 23, 2011

Cloud Challenge ...

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find something in the clouds" ...

When Sissie posted this challenge over at "Random Challenges", I just knew I was going to have an easy time. After all, Beth sees stuff in the clouds all the time - and has taught me to remember to look up too!

But wouldn't you know it ... ever since she issued the challenge, the sky has been gray. Steady slate dark gloomy gray. I'm thankful she left the meme open until June 1 - I hear we have ONE DAY of nice weather between now and then!!!

Then, as I was going through Grampa and Grandma G's old Western Road Trip (circa early 1980's) album for a "Sunday Scans" post, this beautiful cloud caught my eye.

So why not? After all, Beth said "FIND something in the clouds", right?
Well, I found a beautiful bird in this old photo!

And now I can link it with Al's "Sunday Scans", AND Beth's challenge over at "Random Challenges"!!!


  1. Oh, Sissy--this is PERFECT!!! Wow! I see it!!!

  2. I captured a perfect cloud for this meme yesterday - I just need to find the right time to post it. This cloud looks almost like a bunny rabbit to me!

  3. I keep on finding these new and interesting sharing many memes, so little time ;>)....I posted a Skywatch picture a while ago that looked like an alligator eating fish. That would have been almost as good as yours. I do love the scan meme -- that's one of my goals to get some pictures from my old albums scaned.