Friday, May 20, 2011

Wilsonville's Finest Strikes Again

So I was on my way to the grocery store, and had gone less than half a mile when I noticed a Sheriff patrol car behind me. It didn't bother me too much, I like it that they hang out around here.

He followed me for about a mile ... down the hill, the curvy road, the stop sign, the school bus dropping off students ... then he lit up his lights.

I pulled over, and he approached the car. "May I see your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance please?"

As I fumbled for my wallet, he said "I pulled you over because ... I know you tried to cover it up, but it's not working and there is white showing through".

"Excuse me???"

"Your taillight," he explained. "You taped it up, but there is white showing through, and that's against the law."

"Oh," I said. "I thought you were talking about my HAIR"!

I thought he was going to hurt himself trying not to laugh. After running my license, he handed it back to me and choked out "Thank you, ma'am - have a nice day" - then he practically ran back to his car.

After I turned around, I passed him again.
He gave me a big smile and a wave.


  1. Oh, Clytie. I hurt myself laughing! Nice way to start a weekend...

  2. That's classic! That's probably the best laugh he's had all year. I was pulled over about a year ago because the lights that illuminate my license plate were out. The lady that pulled me over was very nice and after checking my license/registration told me to have a wonderful evening.

  3. Sometimes a good laugh will get you of the hook, this certainly qualifies!

  4. We got stopped once -- the first time ever for me and the policeman wanted to inform me that my license plate registration was expired. A little sticker you have to stick on the plate each year. I had to pay $70.00-some dollars as the fine and we went to the license bureau and got the new registration. While standing there, an older man came up and he had not registered his car in over a decade. Since he came in himself, he got no fine and was able to buy a new registration sticker for $70-some dollars.

  5. OOoooh, that is SO FUNNY! I'm sitting here laughing my head off!!! ROFL Oooh, Sissy--it could only happen to you. I would never have thought to say that! LOL You probably made his entire week! LOL

  6. I remember once when we were pulled over coming back from a performance. Our trailer lights had come undone and we had no lights. Alan had forgotten he was still wearing his stage makeup. He looked like a really old guy--but the cop could see something was wrong. He made us take out every piece of id we had, every registration we had--I was laughing so hard I could hardly look to find what the cop wanted.

    Then after the cop perused his face with the flashlight once more--Alan finally realized what was going on--and told him we'd just come back from a play and he was wearing makeup. LOL

    The cop laughed then told him to check the lights, and he let us go. Hahahaa...

  7. Being a cop has to be a hard job, but you must have made this guy's day!!!