Saturday, July 16, 2011

"But They Were Just Sitting There!"

I was walking at the formerly-abandoned church property this morning, glad that the new owners were cutting down the tall grass and briars ... when I heard a loud vehicle stop at the gate, then heard several loud "thunks".

I walked toward the gate, stopping to watch (and photograph) a man looking at the large landscaping rocks the mower had temporarily moved out of his way.

And one by one he was lifting them up and putting them into the back of his rig.

When he saw me he started to drive away ... until he realized I had taken his picture (I have blurred out his license plate on purpose - I would hate for someone to find out they know someone as dumb as this guy).

The following is the conversation we had, as best as I can remember it.

"Is there a problem? Why are you taking my picture?"
"Well, as a matter of fact - there IS a problem. This is private property, those are landscaping materials ... and you have no right to be taking them."
"Oh, it is?"
"Yes, can you not read the sign right in front of you?"
"Well, the rocks aren't on the OTHER side of the sign, they're in front of it!"
"Are you stupid?"
"No. But they were JUST SITTING THERE."
"Did you expect them to be doing a dance?"
"No. Oh h*%$ I'll just put them back."
"That would probably be best."

Sigh. I just don't get it!

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