Friday, July 22, 2011

Youth and Consequences

If you're going to take Daddy's BMW ...
Drive out of state ...
Park in a "No Trespassing" zone (see the sign reflected in the window?) ...
Get really drunk ...
And then vandalize the place LOUDLY ...
Waking up the neighbors at 4:30 AM ...

Be prepared to face the consequences!

Morning entertainment!!!

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  1. Ah, youth!! Glad my kids are grown! As a matter of fact I'm glad I'm grown -- although there are probably those who would disagree!! Great reflections for the day! Have a fun weekend!


  2. One work comes to mind. "Duh". I'm sure dad was happy to get a call from the cops early in the morning.

  3. Excellent ! Very well told, in fact : I like the story ; it is really funny. Thanks for the smile, Clytie !

  4. And she had fun, fun fun, until daddy took the BMW away...

  5. Poor little rich girl. Or boy.

  6. My baby, turned 15 on Friday and I took him to get his Learners. He passed his computer test without any problems, but we had so much hassles that we couldn't tell my husband.

  7. I can't help but wonder if the parents will even care. Many don't seem to these days. They hand a kid a fancy car - either borrowed or purchased for them (most of the time without having had to 'earn' it), and expect responsibility?

    At least you had some entertainment, though I expect you and your neighbors could have done without it. :-)