Sunday, October 9, 2011

Silent Music For An Audience Of One

Photo by Clytie

I happened across this group of young men at the abandoned church ...
Setting up their equipment to record a music video.
They are with a band called "I Declare War", and are from Seattle.
They invited me to watch them work, so I did!
I was fascinated with their reflections in the puddle on the floor ...

When they started filming their video, I had to laugh ...
The only sound were two generators to run the lights ...
And really loud drums.
The guitars were silent.
The lead singer didn't make a sound as he sang.

I found it endearing that although their music is definitely NOT the sort I listen to (they are described online as "deathcore" metal), these were some of the most polite and engaging young men I've met in a long time.

And I had a blast watching them NOT sing.

To an audience of ONE.

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  1. Sissy, that is So cool! lol I wish I could have been there...what a fun experience. I can hardly wait to see the rest of your pics! ((hugs))

    This is such a great story!

  2. It was fun to hear about it on the phone, too! lol (grin)

  3. Cool reflections. It does sound like quite an experience.

  4. Wow! That is great you were there to watch. I would have loved seeing that.

  5. Your photography is appreciated. It is nice to see people trying to make ends meet doing things they love to do.

    As for your living in or near the wood. . .taking a walk with Sasquatch and not knowing it would be an event to recall to grandchildren.

  6. What an experience! I think it must have been quite an experience for them, as well!
    And I love the pink cloud heart in the next post!

  7. Very cool even though I'm not a fan of deathcore. :)