Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunrise Cloud Heart

Just for a moment the clouds break apart ...
In that magical and special moment ...
You know the one.
Right in there between darkness and light.
That moment in time when the sky is lightly pink ...
While the ground is still stained with the darkness of night.
That moment of promise for a new day
A day replete with the gift of life ...

Tina's PicStory challenge this week is "Sunrise/Sunset". Come join us!

I actually meant to post this on "Random Hearts", but I like it here too, so I will leave it! If you like hearts, please come visit!


  1. The heart does seem to say to us that the day to arrive will even be better than today. And any quest for more happiness is assured - the heart assures us!

  2. That's a great heart, Clytie, and lovely pastel colors. I've got a photo ready for this week's PicStory but I haven't posted it yet.

  3. The pretty pink heart probably didn't last long which makes it even more special.

  4. This ranks up their in my top favorites of all the hearts you've ever shared, Clytie. Thank you.

  5. Oh, my goodness--you should be selling books with your writing and photos. Your writing is SO inspiring, Sissy.

    Wow...I'm really touched by this.

  6. wunderschön..der Himmel brennt :D

    LG vom katerchen

  7. Beautiful photos every day should start like!
    Happy after !

  8. Isn't it amazing what we can see in cloud formations, if only we take time to look?

    Western Sunset