Friday, June 8, 2012

I am Goatie ... Fear Me!

I was wandering near the fence between my uncle's house and his neighbor's property. I hadn't seen the neighbor's goats for a while, but on this day this old fella was soaking up some sun in the field.

I got the very distinct feeling that the look in his eyes meant I should take the picture quickly and move on.
And don't I DARE go on his side of the fence!

It's FRIDAY FENCES time!!!


  1. so cute. do you know her/his name? such a cutie. have a great weekend. (:

  2. It is as if he is saying enter at your own risk...

  3. He is really staring at you! Great shot!

  4. I used to keep goats, and they don't scare me one bit!

    Cathedral Fence

  5. a couple of minutes that goat is gonna try to butt you! lol LOVE this photo and how that silly goat is framed in the fence. lol