Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wow What a Walk

The sun played hide-n-seek with the clouds as I started out for my walk ...
I went down the driveway, and started up the road.
And stopped dead in the center when I saw ...

The doe and her baby watched me for a few minutes, then bounded into the woods.

A red breasted sapsucker looked harried as he fed his young, hidden in a hole in a dead tree.
They were LOUD too!

A beautiful orange day lily caught my eye, just as the sun went behind a cloud.

Then the storm hit, and the rain came pelting down.
I took refuge in the abandoned building ...

Boy did it rain!
And then it stopped.
I left the enticing puddles and reflections within the building and headed back outside, where the sun once again peeked from behind the clouds ...

And found the world completely altered!!!
(same orange day lily - 20 minutes later!)

I'm sharing this with "Your Sunday Best" over at "A Rural Journal"


  1. Wish I could find the beautiful deers on my walks around here. Wonderful shots, all of them.

  2. What a great way to start a walk, and a great way to end it - nice photos.

    Yes, there's an out-of-control wildfire in our area, but we live on the other side of town from it. Evacuations include all of Manitou Springs and some other neighborhoods on the west side of Colorado Springs (basically everything west of 30th Street). Record heat, winds, and no rain in the forecast.

  3. All great shots Clytie, but the deer are special!

  4. Beautiful photos -- loving the day lilies and the deer. :)

  5. Wonderful shots. I'm really liking that puddle shot!

  6. Definitely a good day for a walk with your camera!! I love the deer!
    I found another heart for you - - second post down.

  7. What a wonderful walk!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  8. Thank you for your concern. Yes, the Flying W burned to the ground, and I'm hearing rumors that 100 houses may be gone. I'll probably be putting up another update on my blog this morning.

  9. Oh, Sissy--I loved this sequence of pictures--they're magical. AND they fill my eyes. Wow!