Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Do Not Drive on the Runway

According to Wikipedia ...
"Memaloose Airport (FAA LID: 25U), is a public airport located 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Imnaha in Wallowa County, Oregon, USA."

What is left out of this description is that ... it's in the middle of nowhere!

I know I've posted this sign before ...
But I just have to revisit one of my favorite signs of all time!


This picture was taken back in the early 1980s by my (ex) husband while taking a sight-seeing trip through Eastern Oregon with my fabulous B-I-L Alan.

To see signs from around the world, visit Lesley's "Signs, Signs"!


  1. One of your larger metropolitan air facilities out here in the wild wild west huh ;>) (I'm in Oregon for the summer, so I'm allowed to be silly about it!)

  2. i was looking for the runway!:p
    residents probably forget this is an airport.


  3. There is an airport like that here in Cambodia. Tucked in the middle of nowhere. It was one interesting plane ride, I kid you not.

    Inside Cambodia

  4. So fascinating! I have not seen such a sign before! I just wonder why anyone would be driving across a grassy area like that!

  5. That is a classic sign, I've never seen one like it!

  6. hmmm...makes one wonder indeed. Please have a good Friday.

    daily athens photo

  7. Me again, was just wondering whether I could 'borrow' the You Laugh image, as it made a really impression on me.

  8. You can see some strange things out in the middle of nowhere!
    Re the chicken head pecking at the heart - now that you point it out, I see a cartoon rabbit carrying a heart...

  9. a friend tells a story of how, in the middle of the night, she got lost and wound up on the runway of a tiny airport
    I guess it happens
    great post

  10. Great sign. I once flew my plane into a small grass strip in MN only to find three small boys riding bicycles up the middle. I had to go around, and by the time I had lined up again, they were gone. Bet I startled them.

  11. And who is that good looking fellow with the orange shirt?! LOL He was SO young back then. He's still cute, though. (grin) Nice pics!