Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Heart Friend

This is Mika, my very special friend.

She chose me 4 years ago, when she was just a kitten.
My cat Lucky had passed away and I was devastated. I swore I'd never ever love another cat.

Mika had other ideas.
She demanded love, and I was the only one she wanted.

It didn't take long before she wormed her way into my life, and into my heart.

I couldn't find Mika on Monday evening (she is an indoor/outdoor lady), and I was concerned.

I finally found her Tuesday, curled into a ball under a bush, totally unresponsive ... unable to even walk. She couldn't eat, nor could she drink. She appeared to be dehydrated.
I couldn't get her to the vet right away ... so I used an eye dropper to force feed her some water.
She improved slightly, and I drove her to the vet hospital as soon as I was free.

To make a long and expensive story short, Mika has an internal infection of some kind, and was indeed dehydrated. Because I had force fed her the water, she ended up with only slight liver damage, which the vet says she can live with (special diet, now, though).
It could have been much, much worse.
And it was worth the cost.
Because Mika is my very special friend.
Who filled a Mika-shaped hole in my heart ...
 Before I even knew it was there.

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  1. How wonderful Mika survived her infection. Kitty friends do fill a special place in our hearts.

  2. I'm so glad you found her in time!

  3. Wow, that's scary, but I'm glad you found her. I had a cat vanish for four days one time, then he reappeared at my door as if nothing had happened. I was very concerned for him!

  4. Holy Moly - what a lucky cat! You are her angel.

  5. I remember this, and was praying for her so hard. It took me back when our dear Bootz died. I am so glad you caught it before it was too late. She adores you--and of course, I adore her because she loves you so. ((hugs))