Thursday, March 18, 2010

I call it "Moss Island"

From a distance, it's just a patch of moss ...

But look a little closer ...

It's a tiny little universe ...

It looks green, cool and inviting.

A wonderful visit to "Moss Island"


  1. I walked through your pictures...suddenly I was a half inch tall. The moss was soft under my feet. The pine needles were as BIG as tree trunks.

    The aroma was spicy and I curled my arm around one of those grassy trees...those little seed pods knocked together in a tune...

    I LOVED your Moss Island adventure!

  2. Fascinating series of pictures. I wouldn't have thought of that, great job.

  3. Cool! I love the way you focused in on the little patch of moss, and showed what else is growing there! And in the next post, I really like the image of the flowering plum reflected in the broken glass! That is a super creative way to use the vandalism!