Sunday, March 14, 2010

Look Who I Found At Church!!!

Let me introduce you to Portland's newest band ...

American Overdose!

Actually they were over at the abandoned and vandalized church doing a photo shoot - they have never recorded anything, and to date, have never even performed live.

But they are getting ready to.

I probably won't go to their show.
Not my style.

But they were fun, courteous and gracious to the group of kids they scared with their masks. Snicker.


  1. I think this is hilarious. I wonder why they think they need to decorate themselves up like this to look like the Grateful Dead?

  2. Well they definitely look like an overdose of something...good luck to them.

  3. OOoooh! I bet this is another really fun story from the abandoned church! I can hardly wait to call you and hear all about it!

    LOVE the picture...uh, not too sure about the masks...but I'm with Abe--I think they kin dof look like the grateful dead somehow...

    Hmmmm....yep, good luck to 'em!

  4. That's a great juxtaposition, I love it.