Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Walk in the Forest with Sissie

A trillium ... cuddled by the big leaf maple leaf it grew through.

A beautiful conch, covered with moss and backlit by the late afternoon sun.

The big leaf maple is putting out it's aromatic flowers.

The woods is magic this time of year.
Just ask sissie.


  1. The Trillium photo is breathtaking. It reflects the pure magic of the day, doesn't it?

    And that conch with the sunlight highlighting the moss--it is so beautiful.

    I like how the Maple tree flower turned out--I didn't realize before that those were flowers!

    Funny thing--I put up some of my walking through the magical forest pics this morning, too....Great minds thinking alike???

    EGAD! It's that sister thing!

    And if anyone asks, yes--the forest IS magical this time of year...I will always love walking in the forests of our childhood with my Sissy.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say that Trillium photo just filled my eyes...I am totally enamored.

  3. I give up...

    What is this Big Leaf Maple?

    We have Big Leaf Maples but they are trees here. And these look more like flowers than trees. So you must have a flower named Big Leaf Maple?

  4. Beautiful photos. It's a joy to see signs of spring in various parts of the world.

  5. Your use of the word "conch" had me stomped! I only know a conch as a type of sea-shell, but this looks more like a ledge of fungus.

    Whatever ... the image, capturing the light as it does, is terrific.

  6. Abe, yes this is the Bigleaf maple tree. They have these beautiful flowers in early spring.

    Julie, we always called them conches, some people call them conks. I do believe they are a fungus of some kind that live on dead wood, but they don't die off in the winter, they just get bigger with age.

  7. I love these photos of your walk in the forest. The woods are my favorite place to walk, and just be. So beautiful, and full of so many memories of my childhood when I used to climb trees and pretend I lived in the woods near my house.