Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mushroom Mysteries

I found this gorgeous mushroom on a walk through the woods ...
Then I found another, and another - a whole patch of about 6 or 8! Most were taller than the one shown in this picture.

They look like morels. They look like false morels.
According to my book "Mushrooms of North America" by Orson K. Miller, Jr - these beauties could be a type of morel called "Morchella Semilibera".

They could also be one of the many false morels and, according to the book, there is much confusion between the (related) species. In fact, it goes on to say "the chance for error is great. in addition, many people are adversely affected by some of the edible species."

I will continue to buy my mushrooms at the grocery store, thank you very much! I will leave these beautiful wild ones alone - to grow again - next spring.


  1. Wow--this is a gorgeous photo! Made me gasp as I saw it--while on the phone with YOU. (Grin)

    I remember going to the woods with our parents, aunts and uncles to pick mushrooms. I remember thick slices of mushroom on homemade bread. mouth is watering. It was REALLY good as I recall...

  2. Nice. I don't know one from the other.

  3. What a fun picture.

    I have always wanted to learn more about mushrooms. I think picking wild would be interesting, but even after laerning I think I'd be afraid to go out on my own. lol

    Btw...Art is my hero and inspiration too. I'd love to take a class or seminar from him. Maybe some day.

  4. The mushroom is so beautiful, but that plant next to it with the 3 leaves looks almost like it could be poison ivy! I would be too scared to eat any mushroom I didn't buy at the grocery store either.

  5. I don't like mushrooms, and even if I did I certainly wouldn't want to pick my own. But I love your photo of the mushroom!

  6. Look at them..they look so perfect and tempting..

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