Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Brother Sign ...

He was on the street corner as I pulled into the Goodwill thrift store ... a dirty, disheveled, homeless-looking man, his long stringy hair pulled back into a ponytail. He was holding a sign, which I couldn't read.

But his smile was beautiful.

I forgot about him as I began to uncover hidden treasures within the store.

When I came out some time later, the man was gone ... his sign tossed into the bushes near where he had been standing ...

I wonder what happened to him.
Maybe "big brother" finally showed up?

I've decided to link this to the "Signs Signs" meme over at Lesley's "Signs, Signs" blog.


  1. I hope he was off getting a coffee and not another drink.
    You presented this story well - glad to have you playing.

  2. I wonder what the story is here? I like this one a lot--and your story, too. Abe is right--he is a mystery!

  3. Hi Clytie, A good story, and I also wonder why he tossed down his sign.