Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deer ... Abstract

My niece Tiffi was looking out the window. "Look! A deer!" she said.
Sure enough, there was a young deer ... wading in Grampa's pond.
I grabbed my camera and took some pictures through the window.
We watched for a while, then ... another deer off to the side!
The mom!
And then more movement ... another young deer heading toward the woods behind the house. What a treat to see this precious family - a single mother with twins. They left shortly after, meandering back into the woods.

When I went to check my pictures, I found they were all blurry - and I remembered how much my old camera hates through-the-glass pictures.

But I like the effect of this one. It almost looks like a painting.

And now I finally have a critter shot for Camera Critters!


  1. I do like the effect of this photo. I often see deer outside the window where I work.

  2. Wow. I love it. Never seen a deer. Zoo doesn't count. :)
    And this one is adorable.

  3. I really think that effect is pretty cool. They have the most beautiful faces.

  4. In spite of the camera's quirk, it produced an interesting photo! I think it's pretty cool!

  5. This is exquisite--I would love to try to draw this one, just as it!

    This one fills my eyes, Sissy.