Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Challenge - Flowers!

Somehow, because of our cold, rainy, late spring ... I didn't expect to see the trilliums until much later.

Boy did I get a surprise!

Dandelions cheer me up with their gorgeous yellow color.

I know they are 'weeds' to some, but not to me.

The critters have nearly finished off this beautiful daffodil.

I am posting this series of flowers in response to a challenge issued on a new blog called "Random Challenges". This challenge blog is run by me, my sister Beth, and my 'sister-of-different-parents' Deann, and is just what it seems. We will be issuing random challenges, just for fun! We'd love for you to play along!

Because ...

We're Going Crazy, and We Want To Take You With Us!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yehaw! What fun!!! lol I shall put up something on my blog shortly. Woohoo! LOL

    I can't believe the lilies are already up--are the mayflowers showing their lavender petals yet?