Friday, April 15, 2011

Water Drop Pointing Hand!!!

I took a series of photos in February over at the abandoned church ... I was trying to catch a drop of water dripping from a leaky roof.

Most of the photos failed to catch the actual drop hitting the puddle. A few caught beautiful droplets, as well as some wonderful reflections.

This picture had me doing a double-take, though, as I looked closer and noticed the shape of the droplet ... an arm, with a pointing finger.

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There is also a heart in this picture. Do you see it?
It is a nick in the concrete, a little above the arm!

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  1. Wow impressive shot... The waves formed with the drops look like a face to me...

  2. I LOVE this one--the water nymph of The Abandoned has emerged to show you something? What is she pointing to?

    By the way, the actual ripple itself is a heart. I LOVE this one, Sissy!

  3. fantastic Clytie...what an incredible capture!

  4. Fun shot! Love the tiny little pointing hand!

  5. That's kinda freaky, it really does look like and arm with a pointing finger. Neat reflection.

  6. Wow--this shot gives me chills! Great capture Clytie.

  7. The heart is so cute, and that arm is just awesome!

  8. I don't think I'd have noticed it, but when you point it out (LOL) it's crystal clear. I do see a heart in the concrete.