Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Foggy Day ...

The sun was supposed to come out ...
And it did - everywhere but here!
We were socked in with freezing fog for days.

To be fair, the sun did TRY to break through a few times, but only created a mysterious and creepy mood.

While barely 4 miles away, the sun broke through the fog bank ...
I was driving, and had to pull over when I saw this sight - a "sunbow"!

It was absolutely glorious!

But I was only able to gawk for a few minutes ... then the bank of thick fog took over my world once again ...

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  1. Beautiful shots! I'm also in a fog mood today. :-)

    Please feel free to use the photo for the heart meme, Clytie! :-)

  2. Beautiful post. I love fog and the mystery it brings.
    Have a greatweekendŁ=

  3. Beautiful shots!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. What a magical moment--and you caught it. That is just amazing, Sissy!