Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fun With Old Farm Equipment ...

My neighbor was haggling over a car he wanted to buy from a small towing and recovery yard tucked back near the railroad in a small town near where I live. Not THIS car ... actually the one he bought was a Lexus ... but I digress!

I didn't mind that he was taking his time - it gave me a chance to look over a field of old cars and farm equipment that was on display!

Everything was rusty and decaying.
In short - it was beautiful!

I couldn't help but think of Owen and his "Magic Lantern Show" ...
His quest for rust and old cars (among other things) delights me.
He would have loved it here!!!
There were over a hundred pieces of equipment!

All from times long gone.
I will be sharing more of this wonderful "stuff" over the next few days ...

And look - I even found a heart for Guest Heart Thursday!!!


  1. Cool shots! I love old rusty things. :)

  2. I love old rusty machinery. Remember that old tractor Grampa had in the shed out past the big barn? It had a seat like that one.

    These photos are wonderful. Fill my eyes, they do.

  3. I loved looking at the junk yard pictures, they remind my of years past when I lived out in the country in a more peaceful time. Thank you for sharing them. Marge (Marlendy)