Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Reflections ...

I was hanging out at the VA Hospital in Portland (Oregon) yesterday, waiting for Dad to finish his appointment so I could bring him home.

As I sat in the lobby, watching the veterans and their families come and go, I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride. And loss. And stories untold. Tears were very near the surface.

Maybe it was because this is Memorial weekend ... when we remember and honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms ...

It breaks my heart to see what Memorial Day is quickly becoming ...
A weekend to buy something on sale, with everything from cars to mattresses being advertised as "Memorial Day" specials.

Or maybe this weekend should be renamed as "Camping Day Weekend".
It seems those who aren't in the stores are being encouraged to pitch their tents, and hang out around campfires eating hotdogs.

While there's nothing wrong with Memorial Day activities and celebrations ... I hope that each and every person will take a few minutes of their time to honor our fallen soldiers ... and reflect on their sacrifices.

For those who have served.
And their families ... who have paid a high price for our freedoms as well.

"Weekend Reflections"


  1. Happy Memorial Weekend! Beautiful photo!


  2. Interesting image for a memorial - I like it!

  3. so beautifully said
    thank you

  4. Lovely shot.

    All of our holidays have become 'shopping' holidays, from Memorial Day and 4th of July, to Christmas. We can't blame retailers for doing what works.

    When I was a kid we learned the importance of such days, not only in school, but in our families. Holidays were celebrated for what they were.

    I'm not bothered by people going camping. We packed up and went camping when I was a kid. Memorial Day weekend was then as it is now, the kick-off of the summer to come. That said, we still knew what Memorial Day meant.

    I had a grandfather who served in WWI, and two uncles who served in WWII (one was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed). It has always been very personal for me.

    Small town America remembers. And there are events all across the nation on Monday, people only need make an effort to attend. :-)

    I hate double word

  5. I felt the same way...visiting the Veteran's Hospital always touches my heart. Dad's story--his sacrifice, along with all the others in our family who have gone to war to preserve family and country.

    Thank you for putting what I was feeling into words, Sissy. ((hugs))

  6. And as I read what Carole wrote, I must add how grateful I am to all veterans. We owe them our respect, honor and care.

  7. I am certainly grateful to our veterans. Memorial Day is a big deal in my city, which has a huge military presence. From our largest base (Fort Carson) over 300 men and women have been killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan.