Friday, May 4, 2012

TTV Fun for Friday Fences

(My highly complicated and specialized TTV Equipment)

I always wondered why there were coffee cans perched on top of my uncle's fence posts.
I finally asked him ...
Uncle Dale, a man of (very) few words answered thusly ... "RAIN. ROT."

NOW I get it!

(P.S. - It's Friday Fences time!!!)

A plain hedge I've walked by many times without really seeing became a jungle of reds and greens. It makes me wonder how much beauty do I walk by every day ... and not even notice???


  1. Love the short answer from your uncle. Great captures!

  2. oh, things like that make my brain hurt. i'm dying to know the reason for the coffee container there. i hope to find or figure out soon. ha. ha!! great view. (:

  3. Heehee--Rain, Rot. Wow! lol That's Uncle DaleDale. (grin) Wise man, few words. LOVE this post!

  4. AND I adore your creative use of that old camera lens--it lends itself to such a quaint and old fashioned photo. Wonderful!

  5. Nice shot...believe it or not, I had figured out the reason for the cans, etc on top.

  6. LOL..I like your uncles answer...short n sweet!

  7. Great answer! Makes sense when you think of it.

  8. My father put old lids from cooking pots on top of the poles for the clothesline. You can only see them when you look out the upstairs windows!! Same reasoning...