Friday, June 25, 2010

Fridays Friends - My Twins

The day of their birth was the most amazing day of my life.
Nearly 2 months premature, they struggled in the first month of their lives.

We haven't always gotten along.
The road has been a long and hard one -
The life of a single parent is never easy.
I've made so many mistakes.

Now that my beautiful daughters are 18, our relationships are changing.
We're becoming friends.
They are turning into delightful young ladies, with their lives ahead of them.

My prayers go with them every minute of every day.
Being young today is hard in ways that I cannot understand.

But I like the adults they are becoming.
Well worth the friendships we are trying to build.

Thank you Darlene over at A Dancing Mango for giving me the inspiration to post Fridays Friends. It helps me turn my attention closer to home - to the people who have helped shape my life - some in ways they will never know.


  1. *gasp* Twins! How doubly delightful! They are cutie-pies! Congratulations on making it to 18 ... We've made it through 37 years with our dynamic duo, also girls. ♥♥

  2. Very nice post. Glad the girls are doing well and reached the 18 year milestone.

  3. Such beautiful children and what a challenge to raise them have my complete respect. I'll bet you were a really great Mom much better then you think...the proof is in front of you.
    Besides I believe in Roseanne's theory "If your kids are 18 and still alive you are a good mom." (tee hee) Love you.

  4. Cute picture!

    My hubby is a twin.

    I wish I had gotten the chance to know my mother as an older teen/young woman. There are so many questions I would have asked. That I'd still ask.

  5. Oh, Sissy--what a moving post. Becoming friends with one's children is a precious process--I'm glad you have found them as friends so soon. ((hugs))

    That photo sure brings back memories of when they were small....ah, they do grow up quickly, don't they? Give them my love, would you please?

  6. My dear--the Chinese spammer has struck. Twice. ARGH! Tch tch tch.