Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Trespassing - Weekend Mailbox

I found this poor lonely mailbox at a "destruction" site in Tualatin - an old school is being dismantled piece by piece.

I had to laugh at all the signs - especially the "Mole Hole" one!

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  1. So strange that a mailbox would be left there like that! And so many odd signs around it! One of the oddest shots I have ever seen! A great find!

    Hope you enjoy your week ahead!

  2. You do come up with the most unusual scenes.

  3. The mole hole sign is great. Do postmen have to climb over barbwire to deliver the mail??? Rough duty. Welcome to another week Sissy.

  4. You can order Paw Paw trees from most nurseries. I have done it three times and none would grow for me. I will have to try again. Someone around close has them as that is how the Zebra Swallowtail lives.

  5. That is a really funny picture--and HOW is the mailman to get the mail into the box??? THAT is the question!!!