Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fridays Friends

Darlene over at A Dancing Mango is hosting Fridays Friends ... where we introduce the friends who have helped to shape our lives ... what a wonderful idea!!!

Where to start? There have been so many people over the years who have meant so much to me. And I have met so many wonderful friends through blogging!

I will start with my friend Nadine. I first met Nadine in the 2nd grade. She was always surrounded by friends, while I was the shy one. She helped me come out of my shell a bit, with her bubbly personality.

Through grade school where we hung out at recess looking for rocks in the sand box ... to high school where we hung out looking for boys ... we remained friends.

Then graduation, and life. I didn't see her for over a year, then out of the blue she called me and invited me to a Tupperware party (remember those?). We both decided to go to Hawaii, and bought our tickets. We enjoyed a week there, then again, life intervened. I got married to a soldier, and moved all over the world. 17 years passed in a blur ... we saw each other only rarely ... then we lost touch.

When I had to move back home after being separated from my husband, I called Nadine. It was like the intervening years disappeared! We were older, and she had gotten married to Wally.

It sounds boring, but this is our friendship. We hang out, we lose touch, we live life, we find each other, we hang out. How many friendships could stand this? Nadine is an amazing person, and I treasure her. There is a rare tie between us - I can tell when she's thinking about me, and she ALWAYS calls within a few hours - even when we haven't talked in weeks.

Thank you, Nadine, for all of these years of friendship. You have helped shape my life, and showed me what a true friend is.

Here's to the NEXT 34 years of friendship!


  1. It's a wonderful thing to have a friend who has stuck with you through the years. I know you and Nadine must be very special and I am happy you have someone in addition to Sissy Bea to share your joys and who is around to give you hugs. Love you.

  2. Mine boils down to my mom who gave me a sharp #2 pencil and kraft paper sacks she cut and told me to draw on them. I was still in diapers.

    A midget who told me, when I was depressed about people making fun of me because we had no money and no new clothes and I was wearing everything second handed. He told me, "You are the only one in the world, make the most of it."

  3. I am so glad you have Nadine--she's a treasure. True friendship is like Gold--precious and rare.

    You are as beautiful and as rare. The two of you together are lovely indeed.