Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain ...

We had a monsoon rain this morning ...
I ran outside to record the torrents cascading from the roof ...

Somehow I had changed the camera's settings,
and only caught a blur.

I was upset, until I looked closely.
These shots are cool!
Almost surreal.

Sort of like the rainstorm itself,
Now that the sun has come back out.


  1. Wow. We used to call them "sheets" of rain. It does rain that hard here sometimes and our spouting overflows. But often it happens at night and nobody gets to see it.

  2. That is amazing, Sissy. It reminds me of Prospero's wonderful photography. This fills my eyes. It is peaceful somehow. Wish I could have been there--it hasn't rained here all day!

  3. It may be a blur, but it's a very pretty blur. Send some of that rain here - we haven't had any for weeks, and despite regular sprinkler use my lawn is drying up. We're getting thunderstorms but they aren't dropping any rain, it's evaporating before it gets to the ground.

  4. Nice photo! The downpour hit us during the night ... woke us up! I really do appreciate the sun more, every day.

  5. Very cool it almost looks like rays of light. Sometimes or goofs turn out wonderful stuff. Love you

  6. I'm sorry for all the rain! I am returning to the NW pretty soon, and I hope it is dried out by then! Cool shot with the cascading rain!

  7. I do like the way they look! That is a lot of rain.