Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey, I Created Something!

I found this old cookie sheet on top of the pile of metal destined for the scrap yard.

Hmmmmm, these used to be on the fridge, but they kept getting knocked off, and ended up in my magnet storage box ...

A little sanding of rust spots ...
A light application of gesso ...
A little pouncing of blue acrylic ...
and look what I made!
A new home for my refrigerator magnets!

Oh the messages we will create!


  1. SISSY! THAT is a cool idea!!! olde brain wheels are turning...

    lol Such an inspirational post!!!

    OOooh, just enlarged it to see the messages you wrote--love you, too, sister, beloved Friend, Sissy.

  2. Very nice, now I want to see some fun messages too!

  3. Really clever of you! I love giving old stuff a new life like that.

  4. Cool beans Cea what a clever lady you are.

    It looks like you have some friends in China too. Actually I really like their messages in most cases. They are kind of obscure because of the translation but if you think about them for awhile you get their the one above me.

    Jiang Shu-Ju said ... occasionally wander onto the next edge again I do not know if there come, first wish you safely and smoothly !!!....................... Love you.