Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tag Body Spray for Men ...

Seems innocent, doesn't it?
Perfume for men?

If you find these lying around, empty, then be careful.
Someone - probably a teenager - is playing dangerously.

I saw a news story warning about this product, and what kids are doing with them. They use them as 'flame throwers'. They shoot them with pellet guns to make them explode. They throw them on campfires ... ka-boom.

As I watched the story on TV, I realized I have seen these empty containers. They are all over the place at the abandoned mega-church.
Oh dear.
Crazy kids!
No wonder things have been catching on fire lately!


  1. Well! That would explain a lot, wouldn't it? Amazing. And yes, no wonder!

  2. It must be an aerosol? Sounds like some kids are missing having homework to keep them occupied!

  3. Interesting, I haven't heard of this particular one. Although I do remember growing up that people would light the spray from aerosol cans on fire.

  4. Why does it seem like kids can find the most destructive use for just about anything when they can't seem to be able to count out change for a dollar...go figure.

    ...In answer to your comment..steal away buckwheat. I was going to enter the picture in Guest Heart Thursday as you suggested I didn't know that you would accept artwork.

  5. Very scary! I never would have guessed that this was something dangerous.