Monday, November 21, 2011

Frost on Blackberry Leaf ...

Yesterday mornings frost showed a whole new world of beauty ...

Tina's PicStory's photo challenge this week is "Leaf" - come join us!


  1. wonderful shot! thanks for sharing with us ♥

  2. Pretty picture. :-)

    It was bloody cold over the weekend!! It didn't get over 32 degrees at our house on Saturday - 35 on Sunday. Today was much warmer! The storm coming in tonight (the wind has just started here) is supposed to bring mid 50's. We keep swinging back and forth don't we? lol

    Btw, you wouldn't by chance have been anywhere near Peet's coffee at Bridgeport this afternoon? I saw a woman with twin girls and thought it might be you, but not sure enough that I was going to say anything. lol I mean really, what do you say? lol

  3. Beautiful image! That gold is amazing.