Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Tale of Genevieve

The flower's short life was spent watching the world rush by.

Yet not all of her world was so frenetic. The oak tree roots upon which she rested offered years of knowledge and wisdom.

So when the whispers arose to surround the beautiful lady who had come to stay, the flower listened.

The whispers hinted at the mystery and the curse of the gnome princess ... she who was called "Genevieve". The flower had never seen such beauty - perhaps because she had never glimpsed herself.

The whispers became a chatter, the chatter a roar. The flower reached to cover Genevieve's stone ears. The wind pulled her back.

So, as the crescendo of noise enveloped her, the flower leaned forward to Genevieve's face.

And bestowed a kiss upon her lips.

A kiss of beauty. A kiss of life.

The whispers ceased. The world beneath the oak tree came to a halt for just a moment.

And then went on.

Because, you see, the flower's short life was spent watching the world rush by.

But sometimes, magically, time slowed enough for the flower to catch up.


  1. Exquisite ...! Beautiful light, delicious approach. Delicious flower.

  2. cheese cake is easy ! only don´t put it too fast out of the oven. let it little bit cool down. thats all xo

  3. You should write--I've been saying that for years. It's just charming. I LOVE this story. It makes perfect sense to me. I am with Leovi--this story and those enchanting photos are DELICIOUS! This would make a wonderful children's story, you know.

    Let me know--I'll do the illustration, k? ((hugs)) Wouldn't that be a fun Christmas gift for the young'uns?

  4. not the usual gnome I associate with, esp th Amazing Race gnome