Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am Goatie ... I Am Supreme!

I am Goatie!

You may have youth ...
You may have beauty beyond compare ...

But I am Goatie!
You WILL bow your head to ME!!!

Thank you.

You may now continue with your day.

Any Questions???


  1. Will you share your caprine eyes with anyone who asks?

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  2. Well, I'll try again. This will be the third comment I've written-perhaps three times is a charm? I love the bad attitude of this fellow. lol You sure caught his personality well. Wonderful photos.

  3. I lost my post. Trying again. I Like Goats. I had a sheep and raised him. Never had his tail cut. He loved to butt people and butted my mom's rear end once too often when she was bent over in the vegetable garden. I was told to take the sheep to the market. I had to walk him there and it was heartbreaking. He cried when I left him until I was out of sight. The man gave me some money for my sheep.

    Not sure you are even aware of some of the things I have done, but if you take the time to go to

    you can see a kind of history in the right sidebar.