Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Door Closed ... Signs Signs

I was actually leaving the parking lot when I spied this sign ... I did a U-turn (sorry to all of those people I cut off!!!) and pulled back into the lot - just to get this shot!

I wonder if someone had tried to walk through the door without realizing it was closed?
Or maybe it is the owner's way of saying ... please use the FRONT door?

Either way, I got a giggle to start my day ... and the other drivers on the road got to vent all of their frustrations!!!

It's the one year Memoversary for Lesley's "Signs, Signs"!
Come on over and grab a piece of cake!!!


  1. It's not as bad as "this door open!"

  2. That is funny!
    and a new word - memoversary!!
    there is still cake left...

  3. a firm grasp of the obvious!
    wonderful find

  4. I am curious, too, about the use of the word “this.” Glad you did the turn around and got the shot. It is a good one. genie

  5. (giggle) That's just too funny. LOL I'm glad you took the turn around to take this odd picture. LOL