Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Willamette River, January

I posted this picture of the sun on the Willamette River back in October.
It was taken at a tiny park near Newberg, Oregon, and I had to climb down a huge embankment to get to the edge of the water.

Note the tree trunk to the right of the shot ...
Because I went back to the same spot last week, after our flooding rains ...

Remember that tree trunk?
It's under the water, just in front of and to the left of the sign (which is usually quite high on the bank).

There was a lot of debris floating downstream - like this entire tree!

It was still raining hard, so I covered my camera and ran back to the car.

I am linking this with Tina's "PicStory" - where the theme this week is "A Walk in the Park"!
(Although for me it was more like a RUN and SLIP in the park!)


  1. Wow, Sissy...that is just amazing. I can't believe you caught the same angle as before--what a contrast!!!

  2. it´s good that you didn´t slip out! thanks for your joining us with this contrasts. hope nobody was hurt :)